Esther Rose - Handyman


Esther is an angel sent from heaven, or in this case New Orleans. She was playing the famous 'Honky Tonk Tuesday' at the American Legion in Nashville, and we crashed the dance floor early to record this number. There's only one man I trust to tell me what songs to get people to play, and that's the Growing Boy himself (and GemsOnVHS alumni) Chris Acker. He's also a New Orleanser, and told me to request his favorite Esther Rose song, "Sex and Magic". To this day i'm not sure whether he was tricking me into saying something obscene or if this is a real song, but this isn't that song. This is however a great song!

I'd actually met Esther only briefly at the karaoke party trailer, Santa's Pub, one year earlier. My friend Cale Tyson, who also has a deep cut on this channel, introduced us. Later Cale gave me her CD, as he didn't have a CD player, and I added it to my massive disc collection in the van. It instantly became one of my favorites and I regularly spin it in the whip. I recommend you do the same, folks.

‘Every Tuesday is Honky Tonk Tuesday at Nashville’s American Legion Post 82. You can hear your favorite artist from Tuesday nights on Brendan Malone’s show with WSM called Honky Tonk Roundup.’

- GemsOnVHS

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