Maria Naumova – Kyrgyz Folk Music


Kyrgyzstan: Meet Bishkek's 'Orchestra Girl' – the 19yo Jimi Hendrix of Kyrgyz folk music


Nineteen-year-old Maria Naumova, also known in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek as 'Orchestra Girl', showed remarkable virtuosity, Tuesday, giving a stunning rendition of Kyrgyz folk music on a Komuz, an ancient Kyrgyz instrument.


In addition to the Komuz, Maria has also mastered 10 different musical instruments, the majority of which are from traditional Kyrgyz origins. 


She regularly performs at the Russian Military Airbase in Kant as well as the Kyrgyz-Bishkek Eparchy.


SOT, Maria Naumova, Russian musician (Russian): "I often perform in our country's Kyrgyz national shows where I play instruments and dance. I frequently give concerts in the Russian military CSTO Kant airbase and in Kyrgyz-Bishkek eparchy. It is so surprising for me. As some Kyrgyz newspaper there was even written, I am 'a bridge of friendship' between Kyrgyzstan and Russia because I carry both these cultures and I connect them."


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